Special K Launch Shapemate.co.uk

With the Special K Slimmer Jeans Challenge in its 6th successful year, Kellogg’s Special K wanted to find new ways of engaging with their market to provide them with all the tools and tailored support needed for success.

A strategy was recommended combining both traditional broadcast and online programming to reach the broad female audience of 25-50 year old women in environments that were trusted and familiar to them. As well as creating a strong call to action around the site launch at a very competitive time of the year, often littered with new year, new you stories, the overarching objective was to encourage advocacy and longer term adoption of Special K as part of a healthy lifestyle through a more prolonged dialogue with key broadcast media.

Research was conducted which uncovered that 'Women are on a diet for 29 years of their life' with 70 per cent of women dieting every year at some point. The strong headlines provided a very effective platform for discussion in the media and a significant amount of forward planning time meant the story appeared on media planners well in advance of the launch day which contributed to the impressive coverage achieved.

As well as producing fresh video content for online media, the aim was also to leverage the current assets available on the site including fitness videos and meal planners to bolster media interest. Case studies were filmed and bespoke copy created to target a range of audiences from new mums, the 50+ audience, brides to be, women interested in fashion/celebrity/making friends in communities online ensuring optimum relevance.

Alongside the interactive WebTV panel discussion which provided women with a direct path to our experts, competition collateral and editorial within social networking environments allowed us to maximise the delivery of key messages.

Broadcast coverage within radio achieved 83 items of coverage within highly indexed programming environments listened to by our core female audience including Radio Aire, Star Radio, Sun FM, Smooth Radio and Heart FM.

Online the campaign achieved near blanket coverage across 42 female and lifestyle specific websites. Coverage highlights included Closer, Sun Woman, Good to Know, You and Your Wedding , UKTV, Handbag, Get Lippy, All about You and Cosmopolitan.

To maintain momentum a second research story was released which identified Size 14 women to be the happiest which achieved editorial coverage within news and health media including In The News and Net Doctor. All coverage included links back to the Shapemate site and Special K branding.

In total 125 items of coverage were secured with a campaign rate card comparison of £274,802 and a return on investment in excess of 14.