Techy Throwback Thursday

markettiers worked with LHJ Media and Talkmobile to launch their Christmas retro tech campaign, a nostalgic look at our favourite items and how much they could be worth now

Challenge: Ahead of the Christmas period, Talkmobile wanted to set themselves apart from other providers by conducting a lighthearted campaign about retro tech and how much the items languishing in drawers and attics around Britain are worth. 
The campaign was planned for Thursday 1st December, the first #ThrowbackThursday of the Christmas period, inextricably linking the campaign to mobile and social media.  We conducted consumer research to determine the items most likely to be lying around gathering dust, as well as photo-led questions to determine the nation’s favourite retro phone.  We also explored what people would be most likely to do with their retro tech if they found it – revealing a surprising number who would still use it if it worked. This played into Talkmobile’s ethos of simplicity and phones or deals that just do what you need them to. Gadget Show presenter, Jon Bentley, was enlisted to discuss the results of the research and the retro tech renaissance with broadcast media.

Results: Jon conducted interviews with BBC and commercial stations UK-wide, with an estimated audience reach of more than 2.5 million people across the likes of BBC Tees, BBC Devon, BFBC and regional Heart stations.  The research was also used by LHJ Media, securing an article at the top of the homepage of Mail Online in the week following the broadcast campaign.