Travel Alberta: Take a Seat Alberta

Travel Alberta partnered with markettiers4dc to maximise broadcast coverage for their short film Take a Seat Alberta which will be screened at this year's Banff Film Festival as part of an Adventure film series. markettiers4dc's task was to arrange broadcast interviews with film creator Dominic Gill to showcase the film and in turn position Alberta as a fantastic travel destination.

markettiers4dc developed a strategy to ensure that the campaign carried a wide appeal across regional radio, rather than be restricted to an adventure/extreme sport audience. Research was commissioned that used the theme of film in connection with travel; this revealed the significant influence that film has over peoples’ lives and also presented the top 10 cinematic journeys the UK public have been on. This research enabled the spokesman to emphasise the importance of location to the overall viewing experience during broadcast interviews which created opportunities to mention the Banff film festival and the short film.

To further strengthen the relevance of the campaign markettiers4dc recommended activating it during cinematic award season and enlisting BBC film expert James King to provide an authoritative opinion and assist driving key messaging. This proved to be highly successful as 16 radio interviews were secured including Sky News Radio, 8 BBCs and a selection of commercial stations.