Turin Shroud debate reopened over Easter

The Shroud of Turin – an ancient burial cloth that many claim bears the image of Jesus Christ – is one of the most controversial historical artefacts on Earth. Despite scientists declaring it a medieval fake, a one off special on the Discovery Channel over Easter uncovered compelling new insights that are set to reopen the debate into its authenticity.

As part of the publicity campaign markettiers4dc were given access to Barrie Schwortz, a world-renowned authority on the subject, from his home in Colorado. In order to make optimum use of the fascinating new footage available and provide the media and public with a taster of what was to come with the new documentary, The Shroud: New Evidence, we requested time with Barrie ahead of the Easter weekend to provide additional narrative to a video news feature produced for online media.

We then linked to Barrie in Colorado bridging interviews with stations including 15 regional BBCs as part of the BBC Local faith programming and Premier Christian Radio.

Online coverage also appeared on The Times, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and In the News.

“I just wanted to say thanks and well done on all the work you did for Turin Shroud. The programme rated very well and was 345% up on slot average.”

Kate Buddle, Discovery Channel Press Office.

Watch the video: http://ifp.howto.tv/player/m4dcab4b37f500868371967b4f562dbaf91b