Volvo XC60: Mummy Blogger Outreach Campaign

markettiers4dc were tasked by Volvo to gain authentic online engagement for their new model XC60 and position it as a desirable must-have car to their target audience; a young, trendy market. In order to achieve this markettiers4dc utilised its Parenting Broadcast Blogger Network which is made up of a select community of influential mummy bloggers who write content on issues that affect parents of young families and review products and services. As part of the program the bloggers are encouraged to incorporate video content within their reviews and on occasion are invited to interview celebrity spokespeople in the markettiers4dc studio so they can use the clips to embed on their blogs or social media channels.

To generate frequent online activity and engagement with the car, markettiers4dc chose three blogger ambassadors to trial a Volvo XC60 for up to 4 weeks and review or comment on their experience throughout. The ambassadors, who were selected based on their follower base, interest areas and the receptivity of their community, were encouraged to share their involvement through posts on their own blogs and social media channels. All three bloggers fully bought into the campaign experience and totally independently, were 100% positive about the car.


  • Generated honest positive reviews which were shared to Volvo’s target audience in the form of written blogs, photographic and video content
  • Campaign achieved a potential overall reach of: 13,498,470 via individual Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, Tweets and Facebook updates but importantly sharing the content on major Blogging networks, such as Netmums and Brit Mums, creating genuine engagement through comments, Retweets, Shares and Likes
  • The Volvo XC60 was positioned as a desirable yet practical car suitable for a fashion conscious people