Walking Lunch

Agency UK briefed markettiers to provide broadcast support on Walking Lunch, an initiative sponsored by Westfield Health to encourage workers to move for 20 minutes each day


Agency UK briefed markettiers on promoting Westfield Health, who partnered with Living Streets, to get people walking on their lunchbreaks in honor of National Walking Month. The campaign was to focus on encouraging people to go for a 20-minute walk in their lunch breaks, whilst explaining the health, social and mental benefits of doing so. The aim was to secure broadcast coverage UK wide to drive engagement with the initiative.


In order to provide a fresh news line for media, markettiers recommended commissioning consumer research into how active we are during the working day, with the findings revealing many working Brits spend their lunch breaks married to their desks, despite having the capacity to squeeze in a 20-minute walk. The findings from the research were used to shape our broadcast media advisory that was shared with radio stations UK wide.

To provide an independent voice, we recruited Professor Rob Copeland – Professor of Physical Activity and Health at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Sheffield Hallam University – as our spokesperson in studios.


The combination of the new research, relevant spokesperson and timely news hook created a strong media interest with coverage highlights including Sky News Radio, BBC Lancashire, BBC Sheffield, Heart Kent, Heart Essex amongst others.