Watch Your Back!

markettiers worked alongside The Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund with Charlie Dimmock to help raise awareness of their Watch Your Back! Campaign for Spring.

The Watch Your Back! Campaign was set to encourage men in particular to review their sun protection habits and get their backs checked regularly for warning signs of cancer. In men the disease appears typically on the back, head and neck, in areas hard to spot, contributing to later diagnosis. Charlie Dimmock endeavoured to emphasise the dangers of working on your garden without sun protection, persuading women to take it upon themselves check for any changes to their partners skin. She was also able to highlight the regional events that were taking place in garden centres across the UK which aimed to further increase raise awareness of Melanoma amongst gardeners in particular.

The campaign achieved a total of 16 items of coverage, managing to attract the BBC news gathering service, resulting in 2 hours of back to back interviews with regional BBCs including BBC West Midlands, BBC Derby, and BBC Cumbria amongst other high reaching stations. In addition to this we also had skin expert and campaign ambassador, Dr Samuel Orkar, invited to conduct a TV interview with Sky Sunrise Morning Stories.