WWF Tigers Christmas Campaign

markettiers worked with WWF and science and wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin to support their Christmas Tiger campaign


We were tasked with supporting WWF’s wider Christmas campaign, with the focus this year on Tiger protection. To supplement their Christmas advert which features an injured Tiger being nursed back to health by a family, WWF also released a children’s book called ‘The Tiger Protector’, which can be personalised to make your child the star. To promote the book in the lead up to Christmas, WWF were keen to do a campaign featuring a discussion around people’s reading habits with their children


To create a talking point linking the book and the wider Tiger campaign, we suggested carrying out consumer research looking at people’s reading habits with their children and how much they were read to as a child themselves, as well as looking at who people’s favourite animal literary character is. Broadcasters were very engaged in the topic, with the favourite animal literary characters discussion proving a particularly appealing hook for them. This provided a great opportunity to link back to the Tiger campaign and the children’s book being produced for Christmas, meaning that branding was seamlessly introduced and presenters were happy to discuss the campaign, rather than it feeling at all forced. Science and wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin was enlisted to front the campaign and was superb in her role, speaking informatively and passionately on the topic (having previously completed a Masters degree on Tigers).


Overall the campaign was very successful, with 15 broadcast interviews secured on the day and highlights included BBC Norfolk (158,000), BBC Radio Lancashire (211,000), BBC Devon (189,000) and BBC Tees (147,000). The campaign reached a potential audience of 2.8m, with an AVE in excess of £26,000.