Year in Search

Helping Google and the British public celebrate the “Year in Search”


Maximise and control coverage around the release of Google’s “Year in Search” data, which provides a strong indicator of the topics that have gripped the UK over the previous twelve months, through the effective dissemination of “rip n read” information and placement of interviewees.



The Google Year In Search list showed a nation preoccupied with global issues, such as the attacks in Paris, as well as lighter moments, including the changing fortunes of British celebrities and moments of sporting success. Through the judicious use of bespoke advisory material, tailored to specialist media and programming strands (e.g. news, sport and showbiz), and with access to multiple Google spokespeople, we were able to maximise noise around the story whilst also controlling the conversation.



Hundreds of broadcast hits across the BBC and commercial networks, including an excellent interview and discussion on the Sky News Channel (as shown), which featured a presenter searching on Google for the answer to a question they had, as well as one broadcaster even asking an interviewee how they can could set Google as their homepage when they open their internet browser.