branded broadcast workshop

duration: 90 minute session - any of our locations

Our branded broadcast workshops show you how to optimise the power of your messaging and leverage the broadcast media to tell your brand story.

Broadcast coverage doesn’t just mean an interview on a breakfast TV or three minutes on mid-morning radio. Our team have the tools, expertise and experience to help you plan and execute branded broadcast campaigns. Moreover, to plan them in a more engaging an innovative way online.

In this workshop you will find out:

  • The options are available for content creation and how you can create your own broadcast programming
  • What the benefits are to broadcasting your brand. How to you harness your audience, long term, with advice on online series production and live streaming

You can learn more about our broadcast specialism¬†here. Alternatively, simply fill out the booking form below to register your interest in attending or contact¬†[email protected]

If you would like to arrange a date for you and your colleagues (maximum of 10) to attend this workshop, simply fill in the form below or call 020 7253 8888 and speak to Helen Moore.

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