digital and social strategy

Great digital and social publicity campaigns start conversations, trigger actions and mobilise audiences. Nobody understands this process better than markettiers’ dedicated online and social strategy team, a unit that combines decades of PR experience and media nous with a mastery of the ever-changing and evolving digital storytelling landscape.

Our award-winning digital and social media campaigns can mesh seamlessly with your print and broadcast activity. They sit alongside any other brand messaging channels you are utilising to tell your story. Above all, they engage and educate your audience. We deliver integrated social and digital strategies.

Our team tailor each programme to the client’s individual business needs. As a result, we take into account targets, demographics, style and tone as they speak to objectives across all of the major social media channels. markettiers boast in-house experts in Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

content creation

Content for all social media needs to be attention-grabbing, digestible and shareable. Our digital and creative teams advise on the best approach for your community and produce assets in-house.

We present your stories and insights on the channels of best fit. Above all, from animated gifs to video, static infographics, illustrations and live broadcasts, we ensure keynote content is supported by messaging and activity across your digital network.

live streaming into social media

We pioneered the use of social media live streaming in the broadcast PR industry. Consequently, we have a proven track record of creating live, engaging content for clients’ online audiences across a plethora of channels. We are experts in platforms including Instagram’s IGTV, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Our HQ boasts in-house social media live streaming facilities and edit suite, alongside a crack team of campaign creatives, cameramen and live video editors. As a result, we plan, execute and distribute engaging stories and content that generate likes, links and long-standing brand loyalty.

bespoke social media video production

We understand that different social media platforms have different demographics, user habits and posting parameters. Consequently, certain campaigns suit some storytelling platforms and audiences better than others. Our understanding, combined with more than two decades of filming, production and editing experience, makes our dedicated team the ideal people to entrust to ensure your next social media video campaign resonates with your customers, users and audience. Moreover, it resonates in the right ways; on the right channels.

So, whether you’re looking to produce a series of short-form Instastories with a spokesperson in tow or craft a series of recipe videos or event recaps, we have a deep understanding of the style and tone needed to tailor content for each channel and ensure maximum appeal.

With minimal additional cost to a video feature or video news package edit, our crew and editors can create bespoke clips for all platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

blogging and content management

For brands, blogs provide a powerful way of getting your messages directly to a very targeted and engaged audience, quickly. That’s why, therefore, we set up our own network of bloggers, influencers keen to get involved with communication campaigns on behalf of our clients.

As a broadcast consultancy, all our blogger engagement campaigns have a broadcast media focus; and this can be delivered in a number of ways, including:

  • Sampling products, producing video reviews and embedding branded video content
  • Interviewing campaign spokespeople for a podcast or video
  • Taking part in interview opportunities, webTV shows and round-table discussions streamed online
  • Becoming a case study in regional or national broadcast interviews on radio, TV and online
  • Attending events / focus groups
  • Pre-campaign insight

Bloggers/influencers not only aid brand awareness, but the influence of our bloggers is particularly strong from an SEO perspective too; with their video reviews scoring very highly in related searches on Google.

Influencers help brands reach a targeted audience, enabling sharper engagement by reaching ready-made and established communities that have been built and nurtured on trust. Subsequently, our handpicked bloggers, brands can gain reach, credibility, and so much more.