international services

markettiers has the reach and the experience to break down borders; to deliver the right stories to the right audience, no matter where.

With our global footprint, multilingual teams and multi-disciplinary expertise, markettiers have the ability and the capacity to navigate the global media landscape in key international markets. Our complement of skills and services means you can grow profile, make a noise, and even set the news agenda all over the planet.

global media relations

Our multilingual media relations teams enjoy strong working relationships with TV, radio and online broadcasters across leading European markets. We work with longstanding partners in the UC and Asia – experts in local markets – to ensure our brands’ stories can be fast-tracked to the heart of the agenda.

We know the requirements, quirks and characteristics of all major media markets. Consequently, we position and package stories and campaigns in only the most appropriate ways.

With that, it’s little wonder that markettiers consistently deliver significant volumes of high quality news coverage all across global media. We ensure our clients make a sizeable impact in their native markets – and a big splash in any new ones.

partnerships and distribution

markettiers has a commercial partnership with Reuters, the world’s leading broadcast news agency. This partnership ensures our brands’ stories, content and video packages can be quickly, efficiently and appropriately delivered – via both satellite feed and download – to every corner of the world. This includes:

  • 650+ leading TV stations worldwide
  • 1000+ ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliate stations across the USA
  • 1000+ key newspapers and publishers
  • 250,000 high net worth financial professionals

In order to most effectively monitor usage, we encode brands’ B-roll with an invisible watermark. Moreover, every content is used we are alerted so key performance stats – including the duration of use, what time it was used and by which broadcaster – are recorded. Additionally, when distributing content to far-flung markets, we accurately report on a campaign’s cut-through and success.

live CEO interviews

New product launches, industry conferences, business announcements – when your brand has something to talk about, markettiers can secure interviews for your CEO or spokesperson with the most relevant international networks and broadcasters.

Whether it’s from our own in-house studio, on location, via satellite, via the 3G network, or face-to-face with crews on the ground, we will help you to communicate stories, live or prerecorded, to an audience without borders.

b-roll and video news package production

We regularly film and edit B-roll for brands as a way to get ahead of major corporate announcements, product launches or news stories.

As a result, we routinely concept and edit scripted and voiced news packages. Therefore, we deliver them to press outlets the world over to use for additional colour, as library footage, or to fill in blanks in a newsreel.

live streaming with translations

At markettiers, we can stream live and on-demand content from our own studios – and from almost any location in the world. We have the expertise and technical skill to stream branded content to the world at the highest professional standard.

As part of an end-to-end service, we help brands to map their broadcast and execute from concept to completion. We’ll help you to optimise your stream by establishing the most appropriate production format. Above all, we help you negotiate technical barriers, establish privacy settings, and assess the needs of your viewers.

We always aim for maximum viewer engagement. Our ability to match live audio with on-the-spot translations means the whole audience can follow events exactly and seamlessly as they unfold.

corporate video production

Video’s unrivalled ability to communicate key messages and information in an engaging way makes it a staple for brands and businesses. It can therefore be fundamental to any marketing strategy.

markettiers produce a full complement of video types to help you meet end objectives. Whether it’s a company highlights reel, a product showcase or a simple piece to camera. From a graphics packages to a branded film or a video, we support you through all stages of production.

international media training

It’s increasingly important for stakeholders to be media savvy. So we deliver media training courses that are tailor made for your needs – and for specific international markets.

Properly prepared spokespeople can navigate any kind of media appearance. Therefore, they are invaluable for an easy piece-to-camera or a hostile interview and even a full-blown crisis. Moreover, our expert teams impart tools and techniques that can help anyone get through any interview confidently.