live streaming

Our innovative, creative digital and production teams pioneered branded streaming and on-demand content from our in-house studios. We now regularly broadcast live content on social media and beyond to devices across the globe.

Our team can deliver an event, Q&A or straight-up TV show-style stream to the highest professional standard. We are here to help if you’re looking to bring your audience into your world and make them a central character in your brand’s story.

But more than that, we don’t just stream for the sake of it or because it’s the new thing. Each live streaming broadcast we run is tailored to the individual business needs of the client.

We outline deliverable results at the forefront of our planning, creative and execution. Our team’s mastery of internal or external communication formats, such as webcasting panel debates, corporate presentation broadcasting and live event capture, mean that we’re the perfect people to make your live stream happen.

We have hosted streams online, through private portals and with third party media owners. markettiers make content accessible via mobile, tablet and through social media networks. Whether you’re looking to gatecrash the IGTV platform or stream spokesperson Q&A or even a gig across Facebook Live. Our team have you covered with all the tools you need to plan, capture and amplify your real-time message to the people who matter.

consumer live streaming

In the age of brand advocacy, where we live more in the moment than ever before, connecting with your audience directly via their mobile device and social media accounts is more important than it has ever been. Building a relationship with your customers, stakeholders and consumers – sharing their passion points and creating content that engages and resonates – means brands can turn audience members into ambassadors.

Our production and media liaison teams’ understanding of consumer demographics, as well as the technical possibilities of live streaming, help our global clients to generate engagement and trust among their most valued prospects and customers.

We help you create live, authentic, real-time content that sticks to the old BBC mantra. So it educates, informs and entertains the audience with material that demands attention and drives engagement. Whether you want to answer customer questions directly, run curated and moderated roundtable debates. Or create the latest must-see IGTV or Facebook Live series. We have the tools to make it so.

events live streaming

The social media age is about two things: experiencing and sharing. Moreover, in the 21st Century, consumers want much more from brands than ever before. They want businesses who share their passions and provide value over and above a great product or service.

Through live streaming events with markettiers, real-time broadcast marketing can build your story like few other platforms. It brings audiences and consumers from across the world into your space, and broadcasts your messaging in an engaging way.

Our planning, scripting and live filming teams are experts in devising and executing events and content. They keep your audience in mind throughout, creating experiences that the media, VIPs and mobile users want to attend.

We put this into practice when we produced the UK’s first ever Facebook concert, streamed live exclusively with Eliza Doolittle. Since then we have gone on to execute a number of award-winning live event streaming projects. We have expertise in live TV production, editing, graphics and dedicated presenters in our team. markettiers are truly at the forefront of the new age of live broadcasting.

b2b live streaming

B2B live streaming is becoming one of the most fruitful and efficient means of building lasting relationships. It grows both a personal and professional profile among your key corporate and partner demographics.

We offer a full range of B2B streaming solutions, from internal communications and corporate Q&A sessions to customer service and product tutorials.

We understand that content is content, whatever the format. B2B live streaming is simply adapting and bringing storytelling to new audience. Those who are using their professional time to consume and engage with you, rather than their private time. As a result, producing succinct, useful and educational content is as vital in B2B live streaming as it is in other B2B content arenas.

We have one of the most experienced and innovative teams of B2B broadcast and live streaming storytellers in the world. They continue to cover all of the technical and planning stages of the process.

B2B live streaming is the future of corporate comms and we are constantly striving to spearhead its evolution. From corporate conferences and product tutorials to roundtable industry debates and customer outreach productions, we stimulate audience growth and engagement.

our studios & facilities

Each of our regional media hubs – in London, Dubai, Manchester and Glasgow – boast dedicated live streaming studio facilities. They have state-of-the art equipment and modern, cutting-edge editing and production suites. Now for the technical bit.

The markettiers team provide broadcast quality multi-bitrate live streaming, real-time analytics, quality monitoring and archiving for on-demand playback.

We encode your video content to multiple platforms and transcoding is available to all devices on the web or mobile including iPad, iPhone, and Android with simultaneous RTMP and HLS outputs for standard desktop viewing to mobile streaming for people on the go. We are partners with a world renowned CDN for worldwide content distribution and our adaptive streaming offering encodes your live stream into several different bitrates.

Our development team provide the player code required to embed the stream into your website, Facebook Timeline, Linkedin Group or blog. The player then selects which bitrate to show to each individual viewer, depending on their internet speed. It therefore allows them to watch without buffering.

We transmit live events with Windows Media and Flash Media Server technologies with the standard H.264/AAC. We are also ISO 9001 certified, confirming our quality assurance standard in best practice Quality Management Systems.