research and insight

Great storytelling investigates, it reveals. It uncovers truths about how we think, feel and act. It teaches us things that we never knew; that enrich our experience. But brand content, multimedia campaigns and social media activations are no different.

Consumer research and insight is one of the most effective ways of revealing those truths. It crafts the building blocks of a truly pertinent, PR-able story that will get media and public tongues wagging.

If you’re looking to build brand awareness, shape a new media campaign, or create buzz around a specific issue, our sister insight and research agency, Opinion Matters, offers a full range of qualitative and quantitative services.

Our team always keep your communications objectives at the core of each project. Whether that is across a headline-grabbing survey that takes the pulse of British consumers, or for targeted B2B insight that nails the trade press agenda.

We manage, develop and implement your project in a way that delivers on your key objectives. Moreover, it supports and enhances the story you want to tell.


Research data and findings only reach their full potential if presented to the right audience in the right way. A press release or broadcast news cue sheet is one key way of spreading your PR message. But sometimes something more advanced can take a campaign to another level of exposure, scope and reach.

A glossy, well-designed crafted white paper report adds serious weight to your campaign and add a genuine thought-leadership dimension to your activation. Simultaneously, it creates a valuable brand asset that helps everything from media sell-in to SEO. A good white paper can even change government policy.  

An engaging, vibrant infographic can attract a younger audience to your content and make your social media channels pop, even adding extra verve to your video content and brand assets.

We have an in-house team of top-level London creatives who can take insights and transform them into stunning visuals and coverage-grabbing assets. Above all, our talented team present our clients’ insight projects that resonate with a wider, deeper portion of the audience.