The 50 Shades of Yellow Hydration study

markettiers were briefed by Alfred London to provide editorial broadcast coverage for SodaStream around a story centred on the state of the nation’s hydration levels. SodaStream commissioned a study, 50 Shades of Yellow Hydration, aiming to encourage the nation to look at the colour of their urine in order to understand their hydration levels.

Alfred had confirmed Dr Dawn Harper, TV Doctor, as a spokesperson and consulted with markettiers on including an additional independent spokesperson, which ended up being extremely fruitful for the campaign. Having author and blogger, Lizzie King, as a spokesperson allowed markettiers to secure a request from Sky News Radio as well as BBC Scotland (both taking place outside of the typical parameters of the day), whilst Dr Dawn Harper was able to complete an interview with talkRADIO at their recording studios.

Coverage was secured with a mixture of national and regional stations with highlights including Sky News Radio who make its feed available to over 100 commercial stations UK wide, talkRADIO, BBC Scotland, BBC Shropshire and BBC Tees.