HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! Some top advice for parents struggling this week โฌ‡๏ธ

Over half of parents say their kids are better behaved after watching a funny TV show.

Tune into your local radio station to hear from @Laughology explain more.

#PopTV #LaughingOutLoud

'In times of Corona, home office and social distancing, podcasts are clearly on the "winning side"' - Interesting article on the huge rise in podcasts at the moment. At @4dc_uk, remote recording is alive and well! #podcasts #remotework

How do Corona and Covid-19 affect podcasting?

Insights from the data analysis of Germany's largest podcast hoster

To say #ThankYouNHS ๐Ÿ‘ weโ€™re giving all @NHSuk workers free breakdown service to and from work during the coronavirus crisis, whether an AA Member or not. Simply register on our website or call 0800 072 5064 if youโ€™ve broken down #KeepBritainMoving

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