This morning we’ve been working alongside @HLeevers, CEO of @_EngineeringUK, to discuss new research that shows 44% of 11-19 year olds say job security will be more important following the pandemic - with many now looking to explore careers in STEM.

As part of #InternationalFriendshipDay we’ve been working alongside Gloria Hunniford to encourage older generations to open up more, as new research from @McCarthyStone reveals only a fifth of people aged 55 or more would speak to a friend about their mental health.

The pandemic put the amazing feats NHS workers and engineers performed to tackle the virus at the forefront of the media agenda, and today @the_ywl, @TheIET 2019 Young Woman Engineer of the Year, discussed how this has inspired a new generation now considering careers in STEM.

New data highlights a “rise of the lockdown start-up” trend emerging as the number of UK businesses joining @eBay_UK this June soared 335%. With many businesses experiencing turbulent times during lockdown, it’s great to see these figures underpin the nation’s innovative spirit.

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