To aid our own research, we've got an important question for professionals working within the broadcast, PR, and marketing industries:

What time are we all clocking off to 'prepare' for the game!? 🍻😉

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Tune into @itvmeridian tonight at 6pm to hear what @Redknapp has to say about his new eco-home, smart meters, and the small steps we can each take to become more environmentally friendly.

[email protected]' launch on Sunday was a strong indication of the channel’s popularity and projected growth, beating the likes of @BBCNews and @SkyNews on the night in for audience share, with an average of 164,400 compared to the BBC's 133,000, and almost triple Sky’s 57,000.


This Sunday will see the launch of @GBNEWS, and we’d like to wish all of the presenters, producers, and back room staff all the very best of luck!

We look forward to watching the channel thrive both regionally and nationally over the years to come.

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Congratulations to @cherylking45 and our @markettiersME team for the feature in this month's @CampaignME!

The article delves into @4dc_uk's research on podcasting within the region, offering insights on content, listener habits, and strategies for brands.

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