Surge in divorces after Brits admit cheating while on family holiday

As part of the ongoing service we provide Slater and Gordon, this month’s broadcast session was for the Family Law team.


To explore the issue of adultery with a focus on adultery while on holiday to illustrate one of the many reasons why there is a surge in the divorce rate at this time of year. To create a multi-tactic campaign employing consumer research, broadcast interviews and audio & video feature packages.


To create research questions and an advisory that would open up debate across the broadcast network. Our questions therefore explored if a heady cocktail of sun, sea, alcohol was behind a seasonal surge in divorces and to find out how many Brits admitted cheating on their partner while on holiday.


The research showed nearly one in five Brits admitted cheating on their partner while on holiday and that most people admitted to cheating while on away with friends (34 per cent), or on a stag or hen party abroad (25 per cent) followed closely by or on a trip away with work colleagues or on a business conference (19 per cent).  markettiers secured a raft of broadcast opportunities across TV and radio. As planned, this debatable and contentious topic opened up conversations on TV and radio including Sky News Channel, This Morning and Global South radio hub, Sky News Radio, and a raft of smaller community stations. We also secured 8 placements of the video feature and over 50 placements of the audio feature in the commercial network.