video production

markettiers were one of the first UK PR agencies to harness and use the power of video. Over more than two decades, we have developed the tools, knowledge and experience to ensure brands see no boundaries when creating standout, captivating video campaigns.

video production at markettiers

markettiers have multipurpose studios and edit suites in all of our offices. No matter a video’s intended purpose, style or destination, brands of all sizes can take advantage of our in-house skills, equipment and expertise.

We specialise in video news packages, video features, corporate video, product demonstration video, vox-pops and B-roll, animation, presenter and voice-over, and bespoke edits for various social media platforms.

No matter the format, we’ll guide you. From creative concept through to production logistics, scouting locations and sourcing talent, on to editing, positioning and distribution.

markettiers’ experts are on hand to consult and manage the length and breadth of the process to ensure consistency of messaging, tone and visuals throughout. We’re hands-on so that brands can package, position and deliver the kind of content that immediately catches the eye. We secure the attention of journalists, broadcasters and the audience-at-large.

why use video?

There are countless stats to highlight the importance of video in the modern day: Facebook sees eight billion video views on an average day. Mobile video views on YouTube grow 100 percent every year. Some trends even show that video accounts for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.

Those top line stats show the weight and prominence of video on the internet – but it’s effective too. Video drives product and brand awareness and conversion like few other forms of communication. Having video on-site considerably boost a brand’s SEO page ranking – companies that use video enjoy 41 percent more web traffic from search than those who don’t – and embedding a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 percent.

Videos ramp up engagement no matter the audience you seek. At the consumer level, 90 percent of the audience find product videos helpful in the decision-making process, and indeed 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

In a professional context, 60 percent of senior executives would, when given both a video version and a text version of the same thing, rather watch the video.

It’s no revelation to say that social media has been a gamechanger for video – and the engagement stats speak for themselves. On Facebook, video posts see 135 percent greater organic reach than photo posts. And in fact, all across social media, video generates 1,200 percent more shares than text and images combined.

Even more powerful than pre recorded video is live broadcasting, which you can read more about here.

what should our video be?

As we’ve covered, video is a hugely effective way for brands to communicate – so we don’t believe in limiting the formats and subjects brands can and should aim for.

Video can add weight and depth to real-world issues and causes. It can breathe new vigour into old content, ideas or blog posts; giving them another lease of life. Video ensures hero products and messages are flagged and exposed with purpose – and stick in the mind for longer. Visual media puts thinkers, people old and new, at the heart of a story or an idea.

Video can be so much more than what a brand communicates, it is the perfect platform to present a brand’s true personality and individuality to the world. Using video puts a brand’s passion, enthusiasm and zeal on display for all to see.

video and effective PR

Using video to support campaigns, or as the foundation of a campaign itself, is a no brainer. Here at markettiers, we pride ourselves on taking ideas from consultation to execution with results and ROI firmly in mind.

We have the skills and the experience to do it all in-house, ensuring tight and consistent stories are told via visuals, a tone and messaging that fits the essence of the brand.

As the country’s best broadcast PR agency, promoting and delivering video to the audience is what we do.