Airbus, Smarter Skies

We have been putting the airways on the airwaves for Airbus.

Airbus’ vision of Smarter Skies by 2050 was the latest instalment of the ‘Future by Airbus’ campaign, looking beyond aircraft design at more efficient operations both in the air and on the ground.
Working with the aircraft manufacturer we delivered eye catching B-Roll of rendered footage of planes in a near vertical take-off and eco climb, flocking together to fly in formation, and autonomous receiving vehicles, ready and waiting to taxi aircraft to the terminal, clearing runways and making it quicker for passengers to disembark.

In addition our video news package was featured prominently on ITNITV NewsHuffington PostFirst Post,Aviation Week, and Wall Street Journal.  The video received an estimated 25,000 views on the first day, and has now been watched more than 98,000 times.