Are you good with money?

We worked with Santander on their annual cross tax year savings story with the creative for the campaign centring on being “good with money” and whether this is nature or nurture.


We worked with Santander on their annual cross tax year savings story across March and April 2017, comprising broadcast media relations and video content aggregation.  At a competitive time of year for banks and financial services to gain a share of voice, it was crucial that we developed a fresh and engaging creative platform through which to communicate key messages.  The creative for the campaign centred around whether people class themselves as “good with money” or not, and whether we believe this is nature or nurture.


Consumer insight research was conducted to reveal how many Brits think they are good with money, if they think this is an innate ability or a learned skill, and their spending or saving habits.  Crucial to the video content was also a question that asked how regularly we overspend on the “weekly shop”.

We enlisted child developmental psychologist and star of Channel 4’s Secret Life of 4/5 Year Olds, Sam Wass, to comment on the findings of the research and discuss the nature vs nurture debate in broadcast interviews alongside Santander’s Head of Savings, Helen Bierton, and comment on the behaviour of children filmed for video content.

For the video content, two pairs of children were given £20 and a list of shopping items.  Filmed in a Morrison’s store in London on a Saturday morning, our crew followed the children as they went around the store, assessing what they chose to buy and seeing if they could stick within a budget.  Their performance was then compared to interviews with their parents in which we asked them whether they are “good with money”, to see if the children’s spending habits were nature or nurture. 


Interviews were secured with BBC and commercial stations UK wide including BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Bristol (syndicating to BBC Wiltshire, BBC Somerset and BBC Gloucester) and Heart Yorkshire, amongst others.  The video was then placed with news and lifestyle websites in the weeks following the broadcast interview session.