Britain's sweet tooth spikes a cause for concern

6th April 2018 saw the soft drink sugar tax levy come into action. This tax rule means that companies that produce soft drinks containing sugar content above a certain threshold would be taxed.

Vita Coco wanted to be promoted as a healthy and accessible alternative to sugary drinks and wanted to use this date as the hook for PR activity.

Working with Hope and Glory, we advised on the initial creative, shaping a narrative that would activate the best for broadcast engagement and print alike. 

Our consumer research through our sister company Opinion Matters allowed us to show that the average Brit exceeds their recommended daily sugar intake by 11am

We leveraged this headline, with the natural hook of the sugar tax coming into effect, and sold in interview opportunities with Vita Coco’s CEO and award winning nutritionist Anita Bean to national and regional radio and television. 

Giles and Anita were positioned to media as a complementary pair with Anita discussing the importance to health and wellbeing and Giles being the voice of a brand that already has products with little to no processed sugars; this pairing made for great interview dynamics.

markettiers’ Newsroom team secured an impressive total of 17 opportunities, including highlights such as Sky Sunrise, talkRADIO, BBC Oxford and 4 regional ITV interviews.