Centre Parcs launch its RDA for Free Time

markettiers worked closely with Hope and Glory to maximise awareness of the Centre Parcs RDA of Free Time for Children campaign


Center Parcs commissioned a report, backed by Dr Sam Wass (The Secret Life of 4/5 Year Olds), suggesting a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of 3 hours and 51 minutes free time for children should be implemented. The report highlighted that primary school aged children are currently ‘working’ up to 46 hours a week and have only 1 hour and 29 minutes of free, unstructured time per weekday.  markettiers were briefed by Hope & Glory PR to create discussion around the research whilst raising awareness of Center Parcs as a family holiday destination; the ideal place for children to have the opportunity to run-free, engage in imaginative play, or simply relax.


Utilising the research as our platform for message delivery, we crafted broadcast specific media advisories and approached key media with the opportunity to interview the campaign spokesperson, Dr Sam Wass.  His expertise and participation in The Secret Life of 4/5 Year Olds gave us additional media currency and both the story and spokesperson proved to be a draw for media across the BBC and commercial networks.

Dr Sam’s extensive knowledge on the subject and passion in the studio made for captivating listening. This meant presenters gave him free reign to talk about the report, his findings and deliver key messages easily and naturally; with references to Center Parcs thoughout and lots of engaging discussion around the benefits of outdoor play.


Dr Sam’s flexibility was crucial to securing opportunities with Sky News Radio, who provide news content to the commercial network, recorded the afternoon before the session and Sky Sunrise early on the morning of the campaign.  Sunrise not only interviewed Dr Sam Wass live on the sofa but also debated the topic throughout the morning leading to extended coverage of the topic and RDA messaging.

Further coverage was achieved through a raft of interviews with radio stations in the studios throughout the morning with many radio stations also extending the discussion by appealing to listeners for their opinions and holding debates on social media regarding ‘RDA Free Time’ for kids.