Champneys: Wellbeing Report

UK spa group Champneys sought to re-instate the brand as the leading voice on achieving complete wellbeing. To maximise visibility of the campaign within the target market, markettiers4dc devised a multi-platform approach encompassing video production, live streaming and editorial placement. Using research to illustrate a collective temperature of the nation’s wellbeing, Champneys were able to create the ‘Champneys Wellbeing Report’ and provide a basis for the communications outreach.

markettiers4dc created a bespoke video feature to be aggregated online. The video feature showcased the luxurious Champneys resorts and provided expert advice on how to relax, unwind and maintain a healthy weight – some of the top issues drawn from the research that people felt they needed advice on. The video feature was then aggregated across third party sites, with extensive top tier opportunities secured on Grazia, Reveal and Belfast Telegraph, amongst several others. 

A live and interactive WebTV show was hosted from markettiers4dc in-house TV studio. Using the report to structure the show, three specialised experts provided detailed advice for the most prevalent sections of the report; sleep, wellbeing and fitness. To maximise engagement and increase the campaign’s presence on social media, viewers were invited to send in questions to the experts ahead and during the show. markettiers4dc secured widespread placement on a multitude of sites, with top tier coverage including Liverpool Echo, Female First and Savista Magasine, all of which indexed well against the target audience. 

Overall the campaign was a success, with over 30 top-tier opportunities secured, all of which resonated well with the target audience.