Football Manager 2017 – January Transfer Window

Once again markettiers teamed up with Sports Interactive to raise broadcast awareness of Football Manager’s January Simulation and the availability of the world’s leading football management series.


markettiers have been asked to use Sport Interactive’s annual league simulation to explore the predictions for the second half of the 2016/2017 football season in order to drive sales of Football Manager 2017


Working closely with Sports Interactive, markettiers utilised the astounding accuracy of the simulator in predicting results for the unpredictable ‘beautiful game’ to entice broadcasters onto the schedule. markettiers carried out a targeted media approach attracting coverage from major national and regional stations, specifically those with top level Premier League and Championship clubs with large football fan bases such as in London, Manchester and the North East.

markettiers was able to use the simulation results to create wider conversations around Premier League and Championship talking-points through the impressive work of Tom Davidson, Football Analyst at Football Manager. Tom demonstrated an excellent understanding of both data analytics and the league form across English football, which created engaging conversations with presenters around a range of footballing topics. Tom worked well in interviews exploring top tier simulations and predictions with ease and understanding yet also engaging with presenter’s local teams on regional stations, localising the conversation to specific footballing interests and linking conversation back to Football Manager as both an impressive simulator and entertaining game.


The campaign was warmly received and it achieved an impressive reach with potential audiences exceeding 12 million on Broadcast coverage alone. Coverage was wide reaching; with entertaining and informative conversations around the simulator’s results, tail ended with strong mentions of the Football Manager brand name. The campaign achieved stand-out commercial coverage through talkSport and Kiss100, supported with engaging localised content on Yorkshire Radio, BBC Oxford, Pulse FM.