MCG Associates: The Great Talent Debate

On Thursday 30th April, markettiers4dc delivered the first ever live interactive WebTV stream in the Middle East region.

From the heart of Downtown Dubai, ‘The Great Talent Debate’ was streamed exclusively on and through Communicate Middle East Online, one of the leading industry websites for the comms sector in the region and included a panel of four major players from the digital, PR and advertising industries. Whilst traditionally media portals have predominately focused on tried and tested formats in the region, the live streamed, yet fully moderated event provided a first-hand experience for professionals from the industry to speak to experts in the field for the first time through the engaging format.

Working with global recruitment company MCG Associates, markettiers4dc filmed the event as a multi camera, live edit and streamed it on location to a bespoke landing page on Communicate Online’s website. Throughout the event and crucially during the lead up, markettiers4dc consulted with Communicate Online to ensure there was extensive pre-promotion on its website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, with #greattalentdebateme set up to encourage a global audience to tweet in their questions.

Due to the volume of questions from viewers, markettiers4dc extended the length of the show to 45 minutes. Viewers were able to watch the stream on PC, tablet and mobile devices, which was important given the fact that the region has one of the highest smartphone proliferation levels in the world. After the live show an on-demand version was delivered to the site for those who missed the live stream or who wished to watch it again. So far hundreds of people have tuned in for the show, from countries within the GCC to Egypt, the US and the UK.

Commenting on the stream Communicate Online’s, Melissa Moller said “The first edition of ‘The Great Talent Debate Middle East’ inspired conversation among media, advertising and PR industry leaders that was both engaging and enlightening. The outcome of this initiative indicated that it is a discussion relevant to the current industry landscape in the Middle East. Audience engagement was a crucial element to the program’s success, and the participants provided helpful insights into the hiring processes here in the region.”

Watch the show here.