Shorik initiative

Arabic video content. A multi camera shoot. Voiceover artist recording and delivery to tight timescales. markettiers successfully brought all of these together for the Ministry of Education as they filmed, edited and produced a short film to launch a unique initiative aimed at Emiratis in the UAE

markettiers were briefed to deliver a short film to be showcased at a major government event in Abu Dhabi for the launch of the Shorik initiative in the UAE. The initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Education, focuses on helping advise Emiratis on the subjects to take at University and then the available career routes to pursue thereafter. The Shorik initiative aims to promote the importance of taking on business, science and engineering subjects – so the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs are created.
Filmed in High Definition using a multi-camera shoot, we filmed at various locations in Abu Dhabi, including the prestigious Khalifa University. We also interspersed this with international footage to highlight the Emiratis that are studying abroad to further their careers as well as footage from renewable energy company, Masdar and the UAE Space Agency. Animated graphics were interwoven throughout to bring the piece to life and we worked with an Arabic voiceover artist to provide a narrative for the film.
Once filmed the content was then edited and delivered to the client in Arabic  – with the project being turned around within two weeks of receiving the initial brief.

Feedback from client:

“Our team here are all fans of the video, we believe your team delivered a great job given the time and budget constraints and I personally like the videography work done during the students graduation, the voice over is excellent as well so hats off to all who worked on the project.”