markettiers4dc launch .tel from Telnic, the first global contact directory to connect people and businesses to global broadcast media

Looking to do for contacts what Google has done for web search .tel allows individuals and businesses to store and manage contact information online with easy access using any device with a connection to the internet (mobile phones, Blackberry, iPhone, PC).

.tel uses the system behind the web (DNS) so anyone in the world can purchase their own .tel domain, then publish and control their contact details via a controlled communications 'hub'.

The launch of the .tel UK and global consumer awareness campaign began with media coverage from dawn on BBC Breakfast TV, Radio 4 Today programme, CNBC and Sky News Radio. B-roll footage and interviews with leading Telnic spokespeople were distributed via radio, television and online to key markets across Europe, Asia and the US and backed up throughout the week with continuing case study and localised information in Europe.

London-based registry operator Telnic has signed HSBC, Microsoft, British Airways, Marks & Spencer and Starbucks, plus Arsenal, major broadcasters and TV reality shows where the system is set to revolutionise voting: with no need to remember numbers, viewers just click their choice.

Phase two of the .tel campaign involved markettiers4dc's first live transatlantic satellite TV interview from our Farringdon studios. Telnic CEO Khashayar Mahdavi answered questions from reporter Adam Balkin at leading local New York TV Station NY1 (audience 4.5 million).

Director of Media Output Julian Fisher explains: “We have a hardwire connection to the BT Tower which links us to the UK TV networks but in this case we needed to use a transatlantic undersea fibre connection from the Tower to its New York equivalent Waterfront which is a giant hub for all US TV companies.”

Since the launch, .tel global coverage has continued to: 131 US stations with a potential reach of 9.75 million and international coverage including two Spanish TV stations (Intereconomia and CNN+), three programmes on Italy's national state broadcaster (Neapolis, TGI, TG3Pixel), Hong Kong Cable TV 2, Iran Press TV, Tele Monte Carlo and in the UK – BBC Click and Sky.