Geneva Motor Show 2016

Strong story development. CEO-level broadcast media relations. Multi-camera live filming. Speedy video production.
markettiers successfully brought all these together for Nissan, BMW, Rolls-Royce and Infiniti at March’s Geneva Motor Show.

But the best-laid plans can quickly turn to dust at the world’s leading auto show. As the BBC Business Correspondent, Theo Leggett, blogged: “The opening day is a refined form of purgatory – a maelstrom of frenetic activity, missed schedules and carefully choreographed arrangements that start to fall apart the moment the doors are opened.”

We’d like to think a grasp of the unglamorous basics helped our schedules stay the course: attentive logistics planning, getting on site early every day, motivated staff, proven equipment and the deep experience of our 5th successive Geneva.

In all we set up and managed a target-busting 32 major TV interviews with BBC (with Theo), CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, APTN, AFP and leading stations in China, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and across Latin America. Many interviews were live via the two satellite trucks we had on site.

The interviewees? Some of the biggest hitters at the Show: the CEOs of Rolls-Royce and Renault-Nissan, BMW's Director of Sales & Marketing and the President of luxury brand Infiniti.

We also multi-camera filmed the unveil of one of the stars of the show, Nissan's autonomous concept car. In a motor show first, it drove itself around their stand. From this we immediately edited and distributed B-Roll for TV broadcasters, a package for websites and a major internal video – three of the six videos we produced on site for Nissan and Infiniti, together with four more back in our London edit suites.

Purgatory? Really? If so, we’re up for plenty more.