Investment in the UK - Jobs Announcement

Vodafone UK announced significant investment in the form of 2,100 permanent new jobs across the North of England, Scotland, the Midlands and Wales


To reach the highest possible audience across relevant broadcast channels, delivering the key Vodafone UK brand messaging; the jobs announcement, investment in customer services; investment in the UK and regional benefits. We also needed to ensure we highlighted and explained how Vodafone is investing in customer services as well as positioning Vodafone UK as an organisation that very much invests in people and their careers.


The solution was to create engaging and usable B-roll for media outlets together with delivering a pre-recorded interview with Vodafone CEO, Nick Jeffrey, that could be clipped into sound bites for media use. We also created engaging copy for media outlets which celebrated Vodafone’s announcement and highlighted their investment in the UK.


Strong media coverage of the story on Radio, TV and online across all target/ key regions and national coverage. TV coverage included BBC 1 Wales, BBC 1 Scotland and BBC 1 Look North. The radio coverage picked up all key regional BBC’s and commercials including stations across the Heart network and Sky News Radio.