There's No Smoke Without Laphroaig

Coinciding with Oktoberfest, VHP commission markettiers4dc to deliver a live and interactive online whisky tasting show direct from Nuremberg in Bavaria.

This is the 5th year that markettiers4dc have produced and delivered Laphroaig shows online, having previously broadcast live from Vinopolis in London (the first event of its kind), Islay in Scotland, Kentucky in the USA and Jerez in Spain. Despite the very different end results, those familiar with the whisky making process will know that prior to distillation, whisky is essentially beer. And as such, during the show, we were able to explore the similarities between them, whilst also sampling some local beet that had been matured in a Laphroaig Quarter Cask and the same time.

The interactive online whisky tasting – called ‘Laphroaig Live’ – featured a panel of four experts: Laphroaig’s Master Blender, Distillery Manager, a prominent German whisky blender and acclaimed whisky writer. They were joined by a studio audience of lucky ‘Friends of Laphroaig’ for a Question Time style production, which included the tasting of a number of whisky expressions and sampling of a local delicacy, some German sausages that had been given a Laphroaig infusion and smoked over wood chips taken from one of the barrels.

Laphroaig Live was technically demanding: produced on location with no internet connection in a historical museum in Nuremberg. markettiers4dc employed the latest satellite technology to film, edit, encode and then stream the show live online to a series of high reaching websites and blogs. The show was promoted by VHP with an email update campaign to the ‘Friends of Laphroaig’ while markettiers4dc placed the content on key websites and blogs reaching the target audience.

More than 7,300 watched the live event with over 2,000 questions posted before and during the show.